How We Met: Our 14 Year Journey

 How We Met: 

I met Nick 14 years ago in Nashville, TN at Franklin Road Academy. We were small, weird kids who side hugged and were the typical middle school dating relationship.

Nick was always something special and everyone around me knew it, it just took us a long time to realize the impact he had on my life.


We went to cotillion together where we won the best couple at the age of 10! Good times. I still have our plastic medal…

He was my best friend. After our middle school love story of talking by the lockers ended and Nick moved schools, we decided to keep up with each other as much as we could.

We would Facebook DM each other and yes, I still have all of those messages…some are painful to read! We gave each other cards around the holidays and invited each other to football games and dances here and there.

In high school, we went to his Homecoming dance together just as friends. He picked me up, with his learners permit-his mom was in the backseat, and he drove me out to his best friend's farm out in Franklin, TN. It was beautiful. We took photos that we still cherish today on the front porch of his house. That house will play an important part later in life…

We both started dating other people for years, but we never lost contact no matter what people said. He was always there to talk or get a coffee with. We would always meet at The Well, a coffee shop that used to be one little shop in Green Hills. Now it’s booming all over Nashville!

 He came to my dance competitions when I was 12 and showed up at my last dance recital when I was 18. He even surprised me at my high-school graduation. 

I remember giving him a letter before we both went to college saying I hope I will see you again one day and I hope we keep in touch. He gave me a letter also and off we went. I went to Kentucky and he went to South Carolina.

A year went by and I saw him for the first time in the summer as I walked into his house one night to catch up and talk. We ended up spending every summer together in Nashville for 4 years. From lake days, driving around, running errands, laying by the pool, you name it. Nashville was the best time of our lives.

Every time I started leaving Nick, It got harder and harder. We both dated other people in college trying to figure it all out, but I would always end up calling Nick, no matter what. I would even call him to talk about my dates!

CMA fest was and still is our favorite summer activity in Nashville! LP field is the place where we had our first kiss and he gave me a promise ring. Nashville has a special place in our hearts.

We finally make it to our Junior year of college. I decided to visit South Carolina with him for the first time. I loved it. Foreshadowing right?

He started coming to Kentucky too. He helped me study, met all my best friends and FaceTimed me almost every night. Then came the night he surprised me for my 21st birthday and asked me to be his girlfriend on October 26, 2016. We knew there was no going back.

Long distance for almost 2 years was hard, but worth it. It was a time for growth, learning, and finding creative ways to send gifts and date over a screen.

Letters, prayers, talks, tiffs, and years of memories later, I am now living in South Carolina with that little boy who is going to be my HUSBAND! I prayed for a long time that my journey with Nick was in His perfect timing.

We both wanted to share our Proposal story with you. You can read that here. It started off in that beautiful home in Franklin, TN…

Hannah Kerr