Rosemary Beach, Florida Weekend Guide

Rosemary, Florida

Hello everyone!

Growing up, my family always went to the panhandle for vacation, specifically the Seaside area or Destin, FL.

The beach is my place where I truly feel away from my day to day routine. I love waking up early with my coffee, a nap always happens at some point, I start with the beach and then end at the pool. I love eating sandwiches every day and always have seafood at dinner. That pretty much sums it up, but I want to share with you specific places and things to do if you plan on making a weekend beach trip…Here we go!

Today, let’s walk through some amazing places in Rosemary Beach, which is right next to Seaside! I recently went to Rosemary for a bachelorette party and family weekend getaway. You get the best of both! Go check these places out if you are visiting any time soon!

Fun fact, the Seaside area is where the Truman show was filmed! Want to know why? It looks perfect…i’m obsessed.

  • Note that everywhere I am linking too are place that I have been to and tried out!


Beach House Rentals: The Pink Flamingo

This house was large so if you are going with a large group of people, I highly recommend. I grew up always going to a condo! Both are amazing…


Pescado Seafood Grill & Rooftop Bar | 74 Town Hall Rd #4b Rosemary Beach, FL 32461

The best view of Rosemary! Get there early because it gets packed. I ordered one of their speciality cocktails that evening. Great for a date night or Girl’s night!


Casual- La Cocina

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? This was a bachelorette party favorite on our first night in Rosemary! I ordered the taco salad with a Moscow Mule :)

Fancy- Paradis

I ordered a gluten free crusted fish that was caught that day! We paired with red wine and I give this place a 10/10. We sat outside and the service was outstanding. Want to dress up for a more formal sit down dinner? This is your place right in the center of Rosemary!


I highly recommend renting bikes! Why? First off, it feels carefree and you don’t have to park your car. Second, you can bike up to any restaurant, beach access, food trucks in Seaside, you name it!

Want to rent bikes? We rented from Peddlers 30A Bike Rental, surrounded by amazing restaurants and an ice cream shop!


Seaside Downtown Market or the Destin Outlet Malls! You will have to drive to both from Rosemary, but if it’s raining on one of yours days, shop and get those deals!


Sugar Shack! The best place for ice cream (non dairy free) and it is walking distance from the water!

Of course, my favorite thing to do was to wake up early one morning with Nick, grab my camera, and capture the gorgeous buildings. The paths, natural beauty, beachy & modern architecture makes for stunning surroundings. Small weddings are very popular and I can’t wait to travel back for more beach sessions!

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